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How does the Change Game App work?

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Frequently aksed Questions

Changes are not shown anymore (Bug due the change of the year in version 2.2.0. This is fixed in Version 2.3.0)

Unfortunately there appeared a bug during the change of the year 2017 to 2018. The stored Changes are not shown anymore.
Please follow these steps, to activate the Changes also for the next year.

1. Please click on the button "Edit your Changes"

2. Click the Change, which you want to continue working on

3. Click "Copy this Change" and it will be available also for the new year.


Some pictures are not shown in the creation within the Quantum World, while "Remembering your Future" is running

1. Please select the creation by clicking on it.

2. Click to "Choose a Photo" and connect the Photo out of your Photoalbum again



Changes are not saved - Problems with the Database?

Normally it would help if you:

1. Please reinstall the App

2. Download the App again (this is free for you) then install it again.

3. Try the App and if it is not working properly, please let us know.

Unfortunately all the data you have stored so far will be deleted.


Why is the App so expensive?

The App contains the entire Morning and Evening Meditations. These Meditations cost more than the App costs in the App Stores. Therefore, the App is actually cheaper than the Morning and Evening Meditations.


I have no access to Pictures / Camera in the Quantum World?

Have you allowed the App, to access to your photos? If not, please go to “Settings” on your Device, scroll down to Change Game and please allow access to your photos and camera.


Why does the Display light stay on during the Meditation?

The App is a hybrid App. That means it is running on IOS and Android Devices at the same time. The Player is our own Player, running within the App, not the IOS or Android intern System-Player. Because of that, the Player does not run outside the App, so the App has to stay awake during the Meditation.


If you have other problems with the App, or a question, please contact us directly by email: app@momanda.de

We hope you enjoy the App and that it helps you on your way to your new Life.