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Even as a child, my interest was captivated by music and spiritual things. A near-death experience at the age of eight not only intensified my visions but also my involvement with invisible phenomena.

When I returned from Long Beach for a short visit in 2000, I suddenly collapsed. The diagnosis: "Leukemia – an acute health crisis." Back then, it was music that kept me alive. I even rehearsed on a stage piano that my parents and friends had bought for me in my sterile single room at the Großhadern Clinic in Munich. 

After spending nine months in hospital, I played various concerts, but they always taxed my health. I wasn't fully recovered yet. The years that followed were filled with searching and struggling until I finally decided to strengthen my connection to God and the angels.
An acquaintance introduced me to the books of Dr. Doreen Virtue and somehow, I simply knew that I would also be able to communicate with angels. Because I was so weak that I was not able to play piano, I used the time and immersed myself in meditation. At the same time, I also participated in my first EMF Balancing Technique® sessions.

After about two months of intensive meditation, I suddenly felt the energy in the room drastically change while I was meditating. I opened my eyes and saw an angel of heavenly beauty, surrounded by emerald green light, and tall enough to reach the ceiling. Tears of gratitude began to stream down my cheeks as he spoke: "I AM archangel Raphael. You can finally see me, you can finally hear me! Now you can be healed."

From this moment, archangel Raphael never left my side and gave me exact messages concerning my path to recovery each day. The progress that I made as of that point was absolutely astounding. 

More and more archangels and other light-filled beings revealed themselves to me and began to communicate with me. It was simply wonder-full.


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