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Übersetzungen der Meditation

16. January 2013
06:02:57 CET


I AM aware,
that space is holding energy,
even if unseen to me.
I CAN feel it
nourishing me.
I AM aware,
that this energy dwells within me
as well as it surrounds me.
I AM aware that my existence
is rooted in this energy
changeable, formless,
yet, still vibrating in matter.
I am connected with higher vibration now.
I am aware, that this free flowing energy
is the main source of all existing energy,
and this energy flows through me completely,
holding me and the entire universe together.
Some people call it Love.
Whatever its name may be
it can be used by a special procedure
in order to give us
the amount of energy we need
in our daily lives
from now on supporting this beautiful planet,
our beloved Mother-Earth, in any aspect.
I recognize this free Source,
bound to the so called empty space,
as the source of all further energy production.
Used wisely from now on,
in total agreement with the elemental kingdoms
and all the co-existent and co-creative forces and beings.
I accept the extraordinary opportunity of this awareness.
I create the praying field.
I seed and anchor this awareness
into the mass collective consciousness of all human beings.
My intention drops upon fertile grounds.
I feel the relief of Mother Earth
and the freedom of the people
to utilize this inexhaustible source.
I feel the gratitude of Source
about our willingness to receive.
I feel the joy of Source to be recognized.
I feel joy and freedom
to grow further and further
into the reality
of a free and peaceful world.
I feel my mind expanding
and with it the mind of all people.

I realize the fading of past forces,
which kept us from embracing freedom.
I feel the grasp loosening from all beings
like wilted leafs falling off a tree.
I feel freedom and love.
I arise in joy to the dawn, of a new consciousness.
And, I dedicate myself to the power of love.

Lile an Eden and Peter Herrmann
( With heartfelt gratitude to Danielle Marie Armstrong for benign and caring editing.)
11. February 2013
10:10:10 CET
hier nun auch das Video :
2. May 2019
19:52:19 CEST

Thank you Antoine Cariker ♥

27. August 2019
07:24:54 CEST

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19. September 2019
12:26:17 CEST

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