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25. November 2012
16:05:03 CET
Om Namah Shivay!
There are so many beautiful and inspiring teachings and words of wisdom from Babaji and ancient times - let them be inspiring for all of us!

Es gibt so viele wunderschöne und gerade für die heutige Zeit bedeutsame Zitate von Babaji und den alten Weisheitslehren ...
Und ich fände es wunderbar, wenn wir sie zusammentragen würden - zur Inspiration für uns alle.
25. November 2012
16:06:27 CET
Love and serve all humanity.
Assist everyone.
Be happy, be courteous.
Be a dynamo of irrepressible joy.
Recognize God and goodness in
every face.
There is no saint without a past
and no sinner without a future.
Praise everyone.
If you cannot praise someone,
let them out of your life.
Be original, be inventive.
Be courageous.
Take courage again and again.
Do not imitate; be strong, be upright.
Do not lean on the crutches of others.
Think with your own head. Be yourself.
All perfection and every divine virtue
are hidden within you.
Reveal them to the world.
Wisdom, too, is already within you.
Let it shine forth.
Let the Lord's grace set you free.
Let your life be that of the rose;
in silence, it speaks the language of fragrance.
25. November 2012
16:08:45 CET
“I have come to remove the divisions between all religions
I have come to unite people regardless of their origin.
There is only ONE HUMANITY.” Babaji
26. November 2012
20:53:10 CET
"Be firm like a rock, deep and serious like the sea.
Think of the Earth as a Mother. This is one Earth.
Don't be divided by thinking of yourself as belonging
to different countries. This is one Earth. "

26. November 2012
20:56:50 CET
"I am in everywhere. I am in your every breath." ----BAbaji
26. November 2012
20:59:45 CET
"If you are in Peace. I am in peace. I you are happy, I am happy. BE HAPPY!"-------BaBaJI
27. November 2012
14:12:35 CET
"Do not follow the way of evil, follow the way of light.
Do not be like those who linger in the world. Hurry, take up your sword of Divine Truth, and fight against all evil.
Arise! Cast off all negligence and idleness.
Be Alert. Be Courageous. Be Diligent. Be Happy.
Live in Truth, Simplicity, and Love.
One who looks upon this world as a bubble or a mirage shall have life eternal.
Come, look upon this world as the multi-colored chariot of a Rajah, which attracts the foolish, but where, in truth, there is nothing attractive or beautiful."----Babaji
27. November 2012
19:40:06 CET
Seek the consciousness that we are all one.
I have come to show you unity beyond duality. ---- Babaji
28. November 2012
20:09:06 CET
I want to show you a freedom beyond all your imaginings ... Babaji
30. November 2012
18:47:41 CET
"OM NAMAH SHIVAY, the original mantra, is more powerful than an atomic bomb". <--------Babaji