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„Harald Peterstorfer's last album Inspiration is a wonderful travel in peaceful landscapes. Inner drawings and etherial lights. Acoustic guitar and heart full music.Let's have a dream..." – guitariste Philippe Fouquet FRANCE


May 24, 2011 (Wels, Austria)Written by Robert Sutton. Harald Peterstorfer plays his guitar like a chef and dreams are on the menu. Peterstorfer's latest album,Inspirations, is aptly titled as these compositions have a transcendent quality to them, perhaps even spiritual. Each riff of Peterstorfer's acoustic guitar is like a line in a poem; taken collectively, they redefine language and its power.

On "Lights and Waves - Open," Peterstorfer weaves a web of moods; his fingers paint vivid imagery on the guitar strings like a lake's enigmatic reflection. There's no resisting the hypnotic pull of Peterstorfer's command of the guitar. Magical may seem like hyperbole in describing its shimmering beauty but there's no other word that could summarize it with such accuracy. 

Guitar instrumentals, when executed properly, have the ability to transport the imagination to a different place and time, and Peterstorfer achieves this consistently on the record. For example, on "From a View," Peterstorfer conjures a portrait of a desert as the sun goes down; there's an underlying darkness to his performance here that suggests the threat of nightfall. The atmospheric, ominous vibe of "From a View" unveils Peterstorfer's stylistic range; it is in contrast to the summer-drenched soundtracks that populate the album. "November" is fitted with a wintry spell; it is lush and starry-eyed.

Peterstorfer likes to experiment with emotions. "Lights and Waves - Questions" is slower, building up gradually before it displays its soothing, ethereal textures. There is a childlike glow to Peterstorfer's playing, suggesting the happiness of youth. On "Brother Found Sister," Peterstorfer's guitar utterly sparkles; there's a warm, affectionate feel to this tune, the kind that one would expect at a family reunion.

Inspirations is track after track of gorgeously embellished and heartfelt guitar work. One can only assume how personal this album is but by digging deep into his psyche Peterstorfer has plugged into sentiments that are truly universal.

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Type CD
ArtistHarald Peterstorfer
Release Date2010-10-10

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