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Dream of the Blue Whale


1. Dream of the Blue Whale39:59


2. Pleiadian Prayer18:46



Vocals: Anders Holte


Keyboards: Cacina Meadu



My partner Cacina and I went in the recording studio, with the title "Dream Of The Blue Whale" as our inspiration. We wanted to create the music in the moment, so we chose to make no musical agreements, allowing the music to emerge "out of the blue", Cacina playing, me singing. As it turns out ... we went on a deep dive together.

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ArtistAnders Holte
Release Date2012-12-12
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  • Maya Merla Tanz
    Maya Merla Tanz
    It must be a wonderfull dream!
    November 17, 2013 - like
  • Maya Merla Tanz
    Maya Merla Tanz
    Thank you for your wonderful music! I sang with you on the event in Biel, Switzerland...Now I bought this new music of the blue whale...When I have been on Porto Santo Island (Madeira) in October, I did listen your music from Lemurian Homecoming and w ...more
    November 26, 2013 - like