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Online-Course "The Lightbody from the Future"


“The Light-Body From The Future” is a meditative course, channeled by Cecilia Sifontes and designed to assist you in evolving spiritually. It is suitable both for beginners on the spiritual path as well as for those who have evolved spiritually for a longer time.  You will learn what a light-body is and what it can do for you as you awaken to the next level of light. The second wave of spiritual evolution* for humanity has just began to influence us and as you work with the “Light-Body From The Future” you will be assisted by many higher beings who lovingly will support you to integrate these new energies throughout the course. They will also guide you in how you may improve circumstances in your life by working with the immense light of the higher dimensions where your Soul lives. 
The light-body is a vehicle for your Soul, through which it can live in you. By activating it you have the possibility to live in harmony, peace, inspiration and light in every moment of your life. The more light that you anchor in your life and your light-body the more your Soul will be present.
Your Soul is the loving and unlimited part of you that lives in the infinite divine reality where everything is possible and where you may change the direction of your life in any moment, regardless of what may have happened before – for your Soul knows that you are free and that nothing is limiting you, unless you want it to.
“The Light-Body From The Future” requires no prerequisites or commitments and is suitable for everyone with a spiritual interest.

*The second wave of spiritual evolution became active in the beginning of 2012 and will influence us until 2040. It is predicted that all spiritual light, like your light-body or structures of light in the earth grid will become visible to everyone and inspire the third and final wave of spiritual evolution for all of humanity.


The Course consits of 16 MP3-Lessens. You may buy it in one for 144 Euro or in single parts. Please click on the tab "Course Program"

Further Informations:

Type Online-Course
ArtistCecilia Sifontes
Release Date2014-7-10
Length8:14 Hours

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