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This guided meditation walks you through the steps to create in changing those beliefs and perceptions and no longer serve you and create a new and exciting life you desire!

By first understanding what beliefs are from a neurological and biological level from attending Dr. Joe's Workshops or reading his books: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself or You Are the Placebo, you then have the knowledge to change those beliefs and perceptions you have that no longer serve you. 

CD Track Titles:

1 – Introduction 7:25

2 – Breath 12:01

3 – Creating Coherence 23:28

4 – Changing Beliefs & Perceptions 20:03


Meditation music from the album Ambiology 5: Eden by Barry Goldstein,

Do not listen to any meditation audio recordings while driving or operating equipment.

Further Informations:

Type CD
ArtistDr. Joe Dispenza
Release Date2013-0-0
Length63 min
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