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Yoga is not just a physical discipline but contains a wonderful practical philosophy of life and healing. For this it is connected to Ayurvedic medicine, the traditional natural healing system of India, and to Vedic astrology, Indias science of the stars and of karma.

Yoga Philosophy has contribueted many profound insights to world spiritually. Yoga sees the universe as a play of two primary forces, the power of consciousness or what is called the Purusha in Sanskrit, out inner being, and the forces of nature or what is called Prakriti or the primary power of creation. One of the main insights of yogic thought is its understanding of all the forces of nature according to three gunas or primary qualities. The term guna means what binds the soul as the forces of nature easily become powers of attachment to the external  world of time and space and draw us away from resting in our deeper eternal nature of the Purusha. 

Each of the three gunas called Sattva, Rajas and Tamas has its particular qualities and roles in the coasmic order: Sattva, which means the quality of thuth or being, is identified with light, mind, consciousness, goodness, virtue, harmony and balance. Rajas, which means turbulence and agitation, is identified with energy, life, emotion, manifestation, assertion, disequilibrium and change. Tamas, which refers to darkness, is identified with matter, inertia, the unconscious, dullness, resistance, entropy and stability.

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