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There are very few people nowadays who are able to make contact with their inner self, to build a harmonious relationship with their family and with nature. If you meet such a person, you"ll see that he or she ist successful, healthy and very happy. Long ago it was noticed that the people who were most successful and habve made distinguished careers were those who were able to astablish good relations and negotiate with others. 

If we live in accordance with this knowledge, the stars will be on our side, the Universe will become our best friend, and each new day will give us health, good luck and happiness. This book will teach you how to apply these principles, how to find one"s plaxe in this world and collaborate with the Universe. 

Further Informations:

Type Ebook
AuthorRami Bleckt
First Edition2009-4-1
Number of Pages 209
File Format pdf
Filesize 5.95 MB

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